Foundry Gilsonite: Enhancing Performance in the Foundry Industry

Gilsonite, also known as foundry grade Gilsonite or natural asphalt, is a specialized form of Gilsonite that is widely used in the foundry industry. With its unique properties and characteristics, foundry Gilsonite serves as an essential additive in foundry sand formulations, improving mold and core performance, reducing defects, and enhancing the overall casting process. In this article, we will explore the applications, benefits, and production of foundry Gilsonite.

Applications of Foundry Gilsonite

Foundry Gilsonite finds extensive applications in the foundry industry, particularly in the production of molds and cores. Some key applications include:


  1. Mold and Core Binders: Foundry Gilsonite is used as a binder in the preparation of mold and core sands. It imparts excellent adhesive properties, enhancing the strength and cohesion of the sand mixture. This results in improved mold and core stability, reducing the occurrence of defects like veining and sand erosion during the casting process.


  1. Hot Box and Cold Box Processes: Foundry Gilsonite is employed in both hot box and cold box processes. In hot box processes, it acts as a thermosetting binder, providing high strength and dimensional stability to the molds and cores. In cold box processes, it serves as a resin binder, facilitating the rapid curing of the sand mixture.


  1. Reduced Gas Formation: Foundry Gilsonite helps reduce the generation of unwanted gases during the casting process. This is crucial as excessive gas formation can lead to defects like porosity and blowholes in the final castings. By improving the mold and core properties, foundry Gilsonite minimizes gas-related defects, resulting in higher-quality castings.


  1. Improved Surface Finish: The addition of foundry Gilsonite in sand formulations helps achieve smoother and more refined surface finishes on castings. This is particularly important for applications where aesthetic appeal or precision machining is required.


Benefits of Using Foundry Gilsonite

The inclusion of foundry Gilsonite in sand formulations brings several advantages to the casting process. Some key benefits include:


  1. Enhanced Mold and Core Strength: Foundry Gilsonite improves the strength and cohesion of mold and core sands, reducing the likelihood of sand-related defects. This results in improved dimensional accuracy, better mold stability, and reduced casting rejections.


  1. Reduced Defects and Scrap Rates: The use of foundry Gilsonite helps minimize defects like veining, sand burn-in, and sand erosion. By improving the quality and stability of the mold and core, it contributes to lower scrap rates and higher yield in the casting process.


  1. Improved Mold and Core Permeability: Foundry Gilsonite enhances the permeability of sand molds and cores, allowing for better venting of gases during the casting process. This helps prevent the entrapment of gases, resulting in reduced porosity and improved casting integrity.


  1. Versatility and Compatibility: Foundry Gilsonite is compatible with various types of sand, binders, and additives commonly used in foundry operations. It can be easily incorporated into existing formulations without adversely affecting their properties or performance.


Production of Foundry Gilsonite

Foundry Gilsonite is produced by refining and processing natural bitumen extracted from deposits found in regions such as the Uinta Basin in Utah, United States. The extraction process involves mining the mineral from underground deposits and then refining it to remove impurities. The refined Gilsonite is then ground into a fine powder or granules, ready for use as a foundry additive.



Foundry Gilsonite plays a crucial role in the foundry industry, enhancing the performance of mold and core sands, reducing defects, and improving the overall casting process. Its unique properties as a binder contribute to improved mold and core strength, reduced gas formation, and enhanced surface finishes on castings. With its versatility, compatibility, and ability to optimize sand formulations, foundry Gilsonite continues to be an invaluable additive in the foundry industry, enabling the production of high-quality and defect-free castings.

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