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Paraffin Emulsion

Product Overview

Paraffin Emulsion is a blend of Paraffin Wax and water, carefully mixed to create a stable and uniform emulsion with the desired concentration. This emulsion, whether in a pasty or solid state, easily disperses when mixed with water.

In the woodworking industry, Wax Emulsion is utilized to safeguard wood boards like Particle Board, MDF, and OSB from water damage. It also has an Anti-Dust effect, which is particularly beneficial during sawing or grinding operations.


The application of wax emulsion results in a smoother and softer plate surface, significantly extending the lifespan of the grinding belt.

Wax Emulsion offers several advantages over melted paraffin wax. Firstly, its small particle size (about 1-5 microns) allows for better penetration of paraffin wax into wood fibers, resulting in more efficient hydrophobization.

Moreover, Wax Emulsions blend well with melamine- and carbamide-based resins, acting as a water-repelling agent during the hot pressing of plates. The emulsion decomposes, and the melted paraffin wax hydrophobizes the wood plate. The application of special emulsifiers causes the emulsion to decompose even before the bending agent hardens, thereby enhancing the waterproof properties of plates.

Additionally, the simple application method of Wax Emulsion, which remains in liquid form, eliminates storage expenses. The storage temperature of Wax Emulsion is 5°C-30°C, significantly lower than the over 60°C required for melted paraffin wax. Furthermore, there are no transportation expenses associated with Wax Emulsion, as there is no need to heat the piping to prevent “freezing” inside the pipes.

Lastly, the application of Wax Emulsion can lead to a 10-20% reduction in resins without any deterioration in the physio-chemical properties of plates.


Applications of Paraffin Emulsion

Paraffin Emulsion is a versatile product with a wide range of applications:

  1. Coatings and Inks: It is used to coat paper, Bristol board, and cardboard, providing a protective layer and enhancing their durability.
  2. Waterproofing: It is employed to waterproof chipboards, fibers, ropes, and textiles, making them resistant to moisture and extending their lifespan.
  3. Protective Coating: It is utilized to protect floors, car bodies, and furniture from damage caused by water, scratches, and other environmental factors.
  4. Food Coating: It is applied to fruits and vegetables to provide a protective layer, extending their shelf life and maintaining their freshness.


Packaging Options

Paraffin Emulsion is available in various packaging options, including new or second-hand 175 kg drums, ISO tanks, and flexi tanks. Each 20-foot container can accommodate 80 drummed emulsion paraffin units. Peak Universal Business also offers Custom packaging option for this product.


Paraffin Emulsion

Technical Data Sheet

For comprehensive details about the Paraffin Emulsion Wax, please refer to the table below.

Peak Universal Business team is dedicated to providing you with the most suitable products for your projects, ensuring quality and reliability. For more detailed explanations about our Paraffin Emulsion and its technical specifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you.