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Gilsonite for Oil and Gas Drilling

At PEAK UNIVERSAL BUSINESS, we offer high-quality Gilsonite as Gilsonite-based drilling fluid additives to enhance drilling operations in the oil and gas industry.

Our naturally occurring and environmentally friendly Gilsonite additive improves drilling fluid performance, resulting in enhanced wellbore stability, reduced fluid loss, and increased drilling efficiency.

Enhanced Wellbore Stability

Our Gilsonite as drilling fluid additives help stabilize the wellbore by forming a strong and impermeable filter cake on the wellbore wall. This prevents fluid invasion, reduces the risk of differential sticking, and improves overall drilling performance.

Reduced Fluid Loss

With our Gilsonite additive, drilling fluid exhibits excellent fluid loss control properties, minimizing fluid loss into permeable formations. This ensures optimal wellbore integrity and prevents formation damage.

Improved Drilling Efficiency

By enhancing the lubricity and viscosity of drilling fluids, our Gilsonite additives reduce friction and improve drilling efficiency. This results in faster drilling rates, reduced torque and drag, and improved overall drilling performance.

Environmentally Friendly

Gilsonite-based drilling fluid additives are derived from natural sources and have a minimal environmental impact. They offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for drilling operations.


Our Gilsonite as drilling fluid additives are suitable for a variety of drilling fluids and applications, including:

Gilsonite for Water-Based Drilling Fluids

When Gilsonite is added to water-based drilling fluids, it improves the fluid's lubricity, viscosity, and stability. This helps reduce friction, enhance drilling efficiency, and prevent fluid loss into permeable formations. Water-based drilling fluids, also known as muds, are widely used in drilling operations. These fluids consist of a water base mixed with various additives to enhance performance.

Gilsonite for Oil-Based Drilling Fluids

When Gilsonite is incorporated into oil-based drilling fluids, it enhances their performance by improving lubricity, reducing torque and drag, and providing excellent shale stabilization. It also helps prevent fluid invasion and improves wellbore integrity. Oil-based drilling fluids, commonly referred to as muds, are formulated with a base oil, typically diesel or mineral oil, along with various additives. These fluids offer superior lubrication and temperature stability compared to water-based fluids.

Gilsonite for Synthetic-Based Drilling Fluids

Gilsonite serves as a valuable additive in synthetic-based drilling fluids, contributing to improved lubrication, shale stabilization, and wellbore integrity. It helps reduce fluid loss, enhances drilling efficiency, and provides effective hole-cleaning capabilities. Synthetic-based drilling fluids are formulated using synthetic base oils, such as esters or Polyalphaolefins (PAOs), combined with additives. These fluids offer excellent lubricity, thermal stability, and environmental compatibility. By incorporating Gilsonite into these different types of drilling fluids, operators can benefit from improved drilling performance, enhanced wellbore stability, and reduced fluid-related issues.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Our Gilsonite as drilling fluid additives undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards and our own stringent quality requirements. Our team of experts provides technical support and guidance to help you optimize the performance of drilling fluids in your drilling operations.

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Gilsonite for Oil and Gas Drilling

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Gilsonite for Oil and Gas Industry

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