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Caustic Soda Liquid

What is Caustic Soda Liquid lye?

Caustic Soda Liquid also known as lye is a metal hydroxide traditionally obtained by leaching ashes. This formula containing largely potassium carbonate or “potash”. in addition it includes a strong alkali which is highly soluble in water producing caustic basic solutions. “Lye” is almost an alternative name of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Also this name historically uses for potassium hydroxide (KOH). Though the term “lye” refers to any member of a broad range of metal hydroxides.

Today, lye is commercially manufactured using a membrane cell chloralkali process. It is supplied in various forms such as flakes, pellets, microbeads, coarse powder and a solution.

Caustic Soda liquid types:

SODIUM HYDROXIDE SOLUTION is a colorless liquid and it`s density is more than water. Contact maybe severely irritate skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Toxic by ingestion, Could be causes corrosive to metals and tissue. Also best place to keep is dry stock with temperature between 15 – 55 c. Warm weather (+55 c) maybe damage the package. In -15 c liquid will be freeze. NaOH  mades by changes the electrolytic chlor alkali process. In this process also Chlorine gas gets, as a result.

There are two type of liquid sodium hydroxide or liquid caustic soda lye 35% and lye 50%.

Caustic Soda Liquid 50% , General specification:

Lye 50% or Sodium Hydroxide is mineral compound with NaOH formula. Caustic soda also can be solid (percolate or granular) or solutions with different concentrations. In addition Sodium hydroxide with saturated water is approximately 50% (by weight). It is highly volatile metallic open source. Also it is an alkaline salt dissolved in water, methanol & ethanol. In addition Caustic soda absorbs heavily carbon dioxide in solid or liquid state.

Caustic Soda Liquid uses:

Food industry:   
Caustic Soda Liquid
caustic soda food grade
  • Sugar
  • In the crust of the traditional Chinese mooncakes, Lye-water is an essential part
  • Yellow Chinese noodle is Also made by lye-water. Peoples commonly thinks that noodles containing egg.
  • Drinks
Cleaning agent:   
Caustic Soda Liquid
sodium hydroxide uses in soap making and cleaning industry
  • Sodium hydroxide almost is used in soap making. In cold process soap, saponification also in detergents Production. In 19th century  it was as a hard surface rather than liquid product because store and transport was so easier.
  • Caking neutralizing acid
  • Paper and pulp, polyester fiber and cardboard factories industry.

    Caustic Soda Liquid
    caustic soda industrial uses
  • Oil and Gas Industries.
  • drilling
  • Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Making Battery.
  • Army industries.
  • Aluminum processing.
  • Making Leather  factories.
  • Metal making and polymer industries.

Caustic Soda Liquid , Packing:

Caustic Soda Liquid

Almost we provide Caustic Soda Liquid  according to customer inquiries. It is capable to pack in IBC and drums. IBC capacity will be 1000-1200 kg. Drum capacity is 200-220 kg of  Caustic Soda lye.

Caustic Soda Liquid , Exporting Destinations:

Caustic Soda Liquid 50%, probably offers by manufacturers. Also it uses in  detergent, soaps products, paper makers, Drilling companies, Polymer, army, leather and food industries.

So, we are exporting Caustic Soda Flakes and lye to African, European, South American and East Asian countries. In addition Caustic Soda Liquid , is producing, packing and exporting by high quality process in Iran. Furthermore this product is under PUB_LTD authorization. Furthermore this product is accordance with ASTM standard.

Caustic Soda Liquid Test Data Sheet:

Caustic Soda Liquid

caustic soda lye 50% spec for download