/Normal Paraffin

Normal Paraffin

Normal Paraffin

Normal-Paraffin (with a carbon range of C10-C13) is widely used in Linear Alkyl benzene production process. In addition, it can be used in manufacturing of fatty alcohols (mostly used in production of surfactants), chlorinated paraffin wax, and solvents (with applications in paint and resin industries).

Normal Paraffin is the major raw material for the manufacture of LAB . Normal Paraffin is extracted from kerosene  which contains an average of 20/25% paraffin and therefore is generally produced close to a refinery as the kerosene , free of the paraffin removed has to be returned to the refinery.

Over 80% of Normal Paraffin is used for production of LAB the remaining N-Paraffin may be further processed to obtain special solvents used for various industrial applications including synthetic resins , paints and varnishes , degreasing agents and printing inks . Normal paraffin operate as a dissolver in industrial for producing polymers and resins , colors , artistic coverings  and grease polisher.


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