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Caustic Lye

Caustic Lye

Caustic Lye Specification:

Caustic Lye manufactured is widely used in alumina refineries and in the manufacture of soaps and detergents, viscose fiber production and zeolite.

It is also a raw material for a large number of chemicals used in the paper, textiles, dyes, refinery and other industries. Considered to be the most common base in chemical laboratories, caustic soda also finds use in the production of food additives.

it’s no wonder that the world produced 60 million metric tons of sodium hydroxide in 2004. A brief overview of the many uses include:Soap 

Typically for cold-process soap making, lye is essential. It can also be used in hot-process soap making when mixed with the appropriate fat and oils. Caustic soda (lye) creates a chemical reaction known as saponificiation. Furthermore, this process is what breaks down the oils and turns them into soap.

NaOH (Caustic Lye) Uses:

  • Food

It can be used to wash or chemically peel fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, it is often used to soften foods like olives or baked goods.
Paper – It is a key ingredient in the creation of paper from wood pulp.

  • Cleaning

In liquid form, it is used to de-clog drains, dissolve metals and strip paint off a surface. It can also be used to de-grease stainless steel and glass bake ware.

  • Hair

In liquid form, it is mixed with other ingredients to create a hair straightening substance (often referred to as a “relaxer”).

  • Tissue 

It is often used to dissolve tissue, specifically to break down the tissue of dead animals in carcass removal.

  • Beer Lines

It’s recommended that you clean your beer lines every three weeks, this usually goes hand in hand with cleaning your kegs. When you’r done cleaning your kegs leave the solution in the keg, apply some pressure to the keg and simply push some of the caustic soda mixture through beer lines.

Caustic LYE TDS:

Caustic Lye


Caustic Soda Liquid Spec PDF:

you can also down load pub-ltd sodium hydroxide 99/9% Test Data Sheet. by clicking on above line:

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