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Bitumen All Grades

Bitumen All Grades

Bitumen All Grades:

Bitumen All Grades occurs in nature in several forms.
Harder: Easily crumbled bitumen in rock asphalt
Softer: More viscous material which is present in tar sands and asphalt ‘lakes’. Another way in which it can obtained is via petroleum processing in this manner bitumen is essentially residue yielded thru distillation petroleum process. Though it can found in natural form, the world currently relies for all goals on petroleum. Material has been produced in this way for over 100 years. In addition, tars derive as condensates from processing of coal (at very high temperatures), petroleum, oil-shale, wood or other organic materials. Pitch is produced when a tar is partially distilled so that the volatile components have evaporated.


All grades of oxidized bitumen TDS.pdf

Bitumen Penetration All Grades TDS-PEAK

Peak  universal business has different grades include:

  • penetration
  • viscosity grade
  • polymer modified bitumen
  • performance grade
  • blown asphalt
  • cutback
  • emulsion