/Sulphonated Asphalt

Sulphonated Asphalt


Seams the producer blend gilsonite for making Sulphonated asphalt, blown asphalt, lignite, caustic soda, and the mixture of latter compounds.

First of the all Asphasol is sodium  Asphasol that we make water-soluble by a unique sulfonation process. It is a versatile, total mud conditioner that stabilizes shale formations, significantly increases lubricity, lowers high-temperature high-pressure fluid loss (HTHP) water loss and enhances filter cake properties in both oil-based drilling fluids and water-based drilling fluids.

Sulfonate asphalt also can control HTHP fluid loss and produce thin and tenacious mud cakes in both oil and water based drilling mud systems, also Sulphonated asphalt product can be mixed in most water-based and all oil-based and synthetic muds. Asphasol additive is available in two different forms Regular and Potassium enhanced so potassium sulfonated asphalt additive is a specially prepared potassium salt of sulfonated asphalt.

Finally, sulphonated asphalt can help drilling fluids maintain low shearing rate during HPHT drilling well process, stabilize and clean wellbores that have many collapsing shales. unlike some shale control additives, it’s not necessary to pre-mix the Gilsonite Asphasol inhibitor with oil and it contains no surfactants.

Advantages of uses:

It compatible with all water based mud systems.

Improves lubricity thereby reducing torque and drag of the drilling string.

Seals small fractures in stressed shale formulation.

Prevents bit and down hole assembly bailing by preferentially oil wetting the drill string.

Reduces the down hole with temperature fluid loss and contributes to corrosion inhibition.

Controls high temperature water loss.

Inhibits swelling clay and water wetting of shale’s

Reduces HTHP (High Temperature High Pressure) Fluid Loss

Improves Filter cake Quality and helps seal micro fractures

Contains no surfactants

Premixing is not required

Reduces torque and drag

Inhibits swelling and water-wetting of shales

How to use sulfonated asphalt:

Finally Sulfonated asphalt is fully emulsion in water while gilsonite will remain on top.