Viscosity Grade Bitumen - PUB LTD


Viscosity Grades Bitumen refers to a specific classification of bitumen or asphalt binders based on their viscosity or flow characteristics, encompassing VG (Viscosity Grade), AR (Aging Resistant), and AC (Asphalt Cement), offers a versatile range of bitumen binders tailored for diverse applications.

  • VG bitumen provides precise viscosity specifications, ensuring optimal performance in road construction and paving projects.
  • AR bitumen exhibits enhanced resistance against aging, maintaining its properties over time.
  • AC bitumen, also known as Asphalt Cement, is commonly used as a binder in asphalt mixtures, delivering superior cohesion and durability. With their specific attributes, Viscosity Grades Bitumen, including VG, AR, and AC, are essential components for building robust and long-lasting infrastructure.

  • AC Grade Bitumen