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General uses of Butadiene Rubber:

Butadiene rubber ( BR ) is rubber for general use. The most usage of butadiene rubber is tire sidewall,floor covering-bicycle tire,foot wear,rubber toy,cable and rubber pipes.They are produced by butadiene. It may be present in macromolecules in form of cis-1.4, trans-1.4 and 1.2 structural units. 1.2 units have pendant vinyl group, thus they may create isomeric forms (syndiotactic, isotactic or atactic).

Content of individual forms of BR structural units in polymeric chain depends on the polymerization method and type of used initiator and it determines basic properties of BR.

Iran butadiene rubber

Trans-1.4 and also highly stereo regular 1.2- BR does not have elastic properties. But these are owned by 1.2 isomers with lower stereo regularity degree that contain around 35-50 % of 1.2 structural units and with their properties they are similar to the SBR (styrene structural units are substituted by 1.2 units of butadiene).

Iran BR with high content of cis-1.4 structural units has the best elastic properties. Presence of other structural units in BR significantly limits its crystallization ability, thus BR have low tensile strengths.