Oxidized Bitumen 75/30

Oxidized Bitumen 75/30

Oxidized Bitumen 75-30 is based on petroleum bitumen which is made by blowing bitumen 60/70 by very hot air. 

The different grades for suited applications produced are designated by two numbers to indicate the mid-points of their softening point and penetration ranges.

Recommend Uses of Oxidized Bitumen 75/30

Insulating and impregnating agent.
Various industrial uses.
Sealing of expansion joints.
Repair of joints or cracks.
Construction materials additive.
Fixation of parquet floors.
Adhesive to be used in thermal insulation.
Paint paper-pulp-board.
Repair of unexposed cracks.
Bonding of wet briquettes.
Make rubber and plastic products.
Use as sealing of electrical junction boxes.
Isolation bitumen membrane sheet.

Surface Preparation

Oxidized Bitumen 75/30should heated double temperature against softening point to be able to have flow and viscosity. Also to use asphalt 75/30, surfaces must be dry, clean and free of loose particles, form-work, curing products, irregularities, slurry, etc.

Storage/ Handling 

10 Years with multi time heating and colding, please refer to MSDS. Peak Universal Business Company guaranty the quality of Oxidized Bitumen 75/30with the arrangement of international warden to check quality and quantity of product during the loading to the vessel. Also controlling production by QC by batch test report before shipping.


PUB-LTD manufacturer of oxidized bitumen 75/30 in various packing including. bitumen 75/30 is available in 25 kg meltable and craft bag, drum, also as bulk. In addition oxidized bitumen packing also palletize, 40 bags can stack on the pallet. 20 pallet can load to the 20ft container.


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