/AC Grade Bituman
AC Grade Viscosity Bitumen

AC Grade Bituman

AC Grade Viscosity Bitumen:

Standard Viscosity Grade Bitumen also known as AC Grade Viscosity Bitumen. With AC grading, asphalt binder is specify by properties it possesses before it undergoes HMA making process.  Asphalt binder samples Viscosity of standard bitumen measured at 60 ºC .

Viscosity is measured in poise (cm-g-s = dyne-second/cm2). The lower the number of poises, the lower the viscosity and thus the more easily a substance flows. Thus, AC-5 (viscosity is 500 ± 100 poise at 60° C (140° F)) is less viscous than AC-40 (viscosity is 4000 ± 800 poise at 60° C (140° F)). Table 2 shows standard viscosity grades for the AC and AR grading systems from AASHTO M 226 and ASTM D 3381. Typical grades used for HMA paving in the U.S. are AC-10, AC-20, AC-30, AR-4000 and AR 8000.

AC  Grade Viscosity Bitumen:

The AC viscosity bitumen categorized in 6 different grades include:

AC 2.5

AC 5

AC 10

AC 20

AC 30

AC 40


AC bitumen is liquid so it packed in new steel drums. In addition this drums can be palletized and load in 20*FCL. Also this grade of bitumen can load as bulk in vessel.

Product  Grades Test Data Sheet:

AC Grade Viscosity Bitumen