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gilsonite powder

gilsonite powder

Gilsonite powder:

Gilsonite is black and natural rock asphalt that can be pulverized and melted to use in the ink, drilling fluid, asphalt also foundry industry.

There are several different types and ranks of Gilsonite and gilsonite powder.In addition Natural asphalt is classified by degrees of hardness, moisture and softening point. Powder gilsonite also is hard petroleum, almost hydrocarbon, and containing the highest fuel content. Bituminous rock is a type of Gilsonite , the most common type in Iran, used to mix with oil base products to modify bitumen and to make high quality bitumen for high way and Airports also special Iran Gilsonite(mineral bitumen) using for fluid lose control and stabilizing hole shale.

To determine the origins of Gilsonite, one has to look back a long way.  A result was the formation of peat.






Gilsonite uses:

  • drilling fluid
  •  oil and gas
  • asphalt and road paving
  •  paint and ink industry
  •  water proofing
  •  pipe coating
  • cementing
  • contraction