/Cosmetic Grade

Cosmetic Grade

What makes shinny different types of lipsticks and creams is white oil or liquid paraffin cosmetic grade, there is no smell

Items Result Test method
Kin viscosity at 40 C 16-20   Cst ASTM D-445
Pour Point (Max) -18 C ASTM D-97
Flash point 190-200 C ASTM D-92
Specific Gravity 0.800-0.850 ASTM D-1298
Color sybolt 28-30 ASTM D-156
Sulfur content wt% 0.002-0.01 ASTM D-129
Carbon residue wt% 0.001-0.005 ASTM D-189
Aromatic mass % 0.1-0.5 ASTM Calcul
I.B.P 390 C ASTM D-86
F.B.P 470 C ASTM D-86