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Aluminium Sulphate

Aluminium Sulfate


What is Aluminium Sulfate?

Aluminium Sulfate, is a chemical compound with Al2(SO4)3 formula.It makes by reacting sulfuric acid with a juice solution containing alumina or aluminum hydroxide.
Aluminum sulfate also is soluble in water. Major use of Al2(SO4)3 is in drinking water treatment. Aluminum sulfate is commonly referred to alum type. Alums are two sulfate salts.


50% of it is used in paper and carton making. Al2 (SO4) 3  also used for water purification and sewage because of triviality of Al ion, high ability to coagulate and gory colloidal particles. Due to combination of aluminum ions with halogens such as chlorine, fluorine; formation of sinter, help to remove them from zinc sulfate solution, soil leaching or zinc concentrate to prevent zinc metal adhesion to cathodes in zinc industry is used. It`s also using in agricultural, oil and leather industries.



Exporting Destinations:

Al2 (SO4) 3, specially offered by manufacturers of Paper, carton products , Water treatment, metal factories, Agricultural and oil industries. So, we are exporting Aluminum Sulfate to African, European, South American, East Asian countries.

Our Aluminum Sulfate  is producing, packing and exporting to mention above destinations, under Iran Chemical Mine authorization by the best Iranian Aluminum sulfate raw materials in accordance with ASTM standard.



Aluminium Sulfate
Aluminium Sulfate packing

Our Aluminum Sulfate , is packing in 25 PP bags for preventing to absorb moisture.

Also according to our customer inquiry, Al(SO4)3 packed in  Jumbo bag or putting PP bags on a pallet and shrinking.

Test Data Sheet:

test data sheet-aluminium sulfate