/Oxidized Bitumen 90/40

Oxidized Bitumen 90/40

Oxidized Bitumen 90-40 Description:

Oxidized Bitumen 90-40 is based on petroleum bitumen which is made by blowing bitumen 60/70 by very hot air.This kind of oxidised asphalt is mostly using in mediterranean forecast specially morocco market.

Usage of Bitumen Oxidized 90/40

Oxidized bitumen 90-40 is using as raw material for bitumen coat, roofing, insulation and isolation bitumen membrane sheet.

Surface preparation to use Oxidised Asphalt 90/40

Before using oxidized asfalt 90/40 surfaces must be dry, clean and free of loose particles, form work, curing products, irregularities, slurry, etc.

Application of blown bitumen 90/40

We should heat the Blown Asfalt 90/40  double temperature against the softening point to be able to have flow and viscosity.

Storage/handling of oxiasfalt 90/40

Oxiasphalt 90/40 has 10 years validity with multi time heating and colding, please refer to MSDS.

Packing of bitume oxyde 90/40

Bitume oxyde 90/40 is available in 25kg meltable and Craft Bag, Carton Box, Poly Bag.

Oxidized Bitumen 90/40 Specification:

Oxidized Bitumen 90-40 TDS-PEAK